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Family Practice Doctors Charlestown

Here at Appletree Family Practice we are a community focused surgery that provides high quality medical care and education. We employ a team of highly qualified and professional family practice doctors in Charlestown to cater to your specific health needs. We understand the importance of having a constant family doctor and the crucial role our family practice doctors in Charlestown play in the wellbeing of each member of your family. Our family practice doctors in Charlestown have a positive approach to patient care while adopting the best practices and we prioritise our patients’ health and wellbeing to provide quality care.

We pride ourselves on our excellent clinical service and diverse team of family practice doctors in Charlestown with a range of specialities and expertise to cater for your individual needs and requirements. Our family practice doctors in Charlestown are open to new patients and we want to get to know you through a booked consultation to better understand your health needs in order to provide you with the finest medical care. We provide information and education for your understanding and for you to make informed decisions regarding to you and your family’s health.

At Appletree Family Practice, privacy and confidentiality is one of our top priorities. All our family practice doctors in Charlestown respect your privacy and we are committed to maintaining your health information and medical records with the utmost confidentiality and security. Our clinic is open 7 days a week for your convenience. Some of the services we provide include children’s health, immunisation, family planning, and women’s health. Contact us at Appletree Family Practice to book a consultation with one of our family practice doctors in Charlestown today to become part of the Appletree family.


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