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General Information

When talking to your doctor about your health concern and describing your symptoms, it is important to give your doctor a clear description. Your doctor is learning from your description and it helps them help you when you provide accurate details of your symptoms. Giving your doctor important details will allow them to provide you with more information on how to best treat your health concern. Providing information including:
Detailed description

+ Telling your doctor how you feel
+ When the symptoms began
+ If anything makes you feel better or worse
+ If you have experienced the same problem before
+ If anyone you know if experience the same problem as you

These crucial details can really help your doctor better understand your situation. Using adjectives when describing your pain can help convey and clarify your description. Writing down your symptoms before your appointment can be a good way to help you remember. Even pinpointing and showing your doctor where you feel pain can help your doctor understand more about your problem. It is important to remember to just relax and take your time when describing your symptoms.